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How to come

How to come

Hotel Leisure Canoeiros is located in Porto Luiz Alves, on the banks of the Araguaia River, in one of their points of greatest beauty, the northern state of Goias It is located 500 km from Goiania, 500 km from Brasilia and 1475 km from São Paulo.

Tips to get to Hotel Leisure Canoeiros

Coming from any region of the country and other countries can be used for commercial flight, bus or car to the city of Goiania-GO and Brasília-DF. From there we suggest two modes of transport, air freight or land.

Aside from those coming from North and Northeast regions ,by land, it is not necessary to go through Goiânia. You can come to the city of Porangatu GO-BR-153, coming to the city of São Miguel do Araguaia and then follow up by Luis Alves BR-080.

Coming from commercial aircraft and wants to continue the trip by plane, you can schedule an immediate connection, checking the forecast, and since travel occurs in daytime. The travel is on average one hour and 20 minutes. For freighting, you should first ask a reservation with the company. Single-engine aircraft for four passengers, twin-engine planes for 4, 6 or 12 passengers (prices and availability on request). The company that makes the freight Goiânia - Luis Alves - Goiania is the "Sete Táxi Aéreo."
The line of commercial flights must be booked with your travel agent or preferably direct with airlines:

For those who own private plane, the runway of Luis Alves is 900m in length floor gravel, having the following coordinates: S 13 º 12 51 "W 050 ° 34 01".

Already the runway of Sao Miguel do Araguaia-GO has 1500 meters of paved extension, approved by the DAC. It is the point of supply of aircraft type AvGas (petrol) and JetA1 (kerosene), supply point nearest Luis Alves (by land 45 km far from the town of Luis Alves - Pousada Canoeiros). The coordinates of the runway of São Miguel do Araguaia are: S 13 º 20 02 "W 050 ° 12 21"

By land:

By land, we also suggest for tourist groups, regardless of how many people, charter bus (maximum 46 people), mini-bus (max 20 people), vans (maximum 12 people), taxi or rental cars. The route of Goiania to Hotel Leisure Canoeiros is 500 km Travel time, is approximately 6 hours.

The most economical way:

The cheapest way of transportation of Goiania to Luis Alves is done by career coaches (with air conditioning - Traffic Araguarina) with two daily departures from Bus Station Goiânia, 09:00 and 23:59, with an average cost of R $ 103.00 (August/2016). The journey time is approximately 6:00 pm. When arriving in Sao Miguel do Araguaia, you take a taxi to the hotel Leisure Canoeiros, which costs about R$ 150.00 (one hundred reais in August/2016) and journey time is 45 min. The night journey is more sought after because of the tranquility and the lowest frequency of stops (only one stop).

Where necessary the Hotel Leisure Canoeiros may be mediating in the purchase of these passages.

All freighting are outsourced and is always done by respected companies with great concept, tradition, punctuality and respectful professional.

The journey done by own car.

The journey by own car is very quiet. Leaving from Goiânia, you take the road GO-070, exit to the city of Inhumas, through the cities of Goiás (recognized as a World Heritage Site).

Continuing on GO-164 highway to the city with a direction of Faina, Mozarlândia, Nova Crixás and ending in Sao Miguel do Araguaia. On reaching the first junction of the city of São Miguel, it enters the left toward the Luiz Alves BR-080. Unpaved road with a length of 43 km.
We can help them to set up any kind of package with different prices, different types of comfort and safety assurance. Where there is doubt we will be happy to resolve them.

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